Jewelry Care

How to care for nylon-colored jewelry pieces :

The nylon plastic jewelry is printed from a strong material with a slight amount of flexibility, making it ideal for daily wear. The nylon jewelry pieces are polished, colored and coated with a protective layer after printing. Although the special coating treatment will protect the color, we do recommend to remove the jewelry when bathing or swimming. The nylon material is strong but flexible so some elements can bend. We suggest handling the nylon jewelry with care as you would with any other jewelry.

How to care for silver- or gold plated steel jewelry pieces :

The printed steel jewelry is plated which means there is a layer of silver and/or gold (18krt) on top of the core material. Despite the high quality of this technique, the layer of silver or gold can get thinner after intensive wear and even the core material can show at the surface. To avoid or reduce the risk of tarnishing we recommend the following :

  • when not wearing, store your piece in the jewelry box.
  • do not store your jewelry in direct sunlight or in a damp area such as a bathroom.
  • make sure that your piece does not get in touch with chemicals or water (take it off while doing the dishes or taking a shower)
  • cleaning your piece with a silver-cleaning cloth will take off stains and tarnish and bring out the shine again.

How to care for the (gold-plated) sterling silver chains and ear wires :

The chains and ear studs or ear wires used for OLA Jewelry are 100% sterling silver or gold-plated over sterling silver. In case the surface tarnishes, use a jewelry cleaning cloth to shine.

Avoid using liquid cleaning agents as they are too aggressive for the printed, porous materials.