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Inspired by Architecture.
Fascinated by Technology.

OLA Jewelry is a Belgian label that redefines the boundaries of conventional jewelry design. By combining 3D printing techniques with modern craftsmanship, OLA creates minimal and accessible pieces that celebrate individuality.

Ever inspired by technology, OLA sets out to rethink the pieces that accompany our day-to-day, one layer at a time.


OLA Best Sellers

These are our most popular pieces that other women and OLA fans have viewed and worn as their favorites. Black tops the list as best-selling ‘color’.

Our steel jewelry is also printed directly, one layer at a time. After printing, the pieces are plated with a layer of silver or gold. The 3d printing process leaves a subtle texture on the surface of the jewelry, making the look quite unique.

The polyamide nylon jewelry is printed from a strong material with a slight amount of flexibility, making it ideal for daily wear. The nylon jewelry pieces are polished, colored and coated with a protective layer after printing. The nylon jewelry comes in black, blue or olive green.

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