Jewelry that sparks conversations and curiosity.

OLA is a distinctive jewelry label that blends elements of modern and minimalist design.
The jewelry is produced by 3D printing technologies, allowing unexpected shapes and the use of innovative materials. Designer Ina Suffeleers draws inspiration from modern
architecture, simple shapes and 20th century art movements such as Bauhaus. Before launching OLA Jewelry in 2013, Ina worked as a marketing professional in the technology

Machine made. Finished by hand.

Every OLA jewelry piece starts with a creative design on paper. That idea becomes a computer file that embarks on a journey through a 3D printer. The most advanced 3D printing technology is used to produce the jewelry. Each OLA design comes in colored, silver and gold finishes. OLA Jewelry is printed from polyamide nylon and stainless steel powder, one layer at a time, until the jewelry piece is completely formed. The nylon is colored and treated with a protective finish. The steel jewelry is polished and plated with a layer of silver or gold.

The 3D printing process leaves a subtle texture on the surface making the look quite unique. Each design is available in black, gold or silver. Every OLA piece is polished for comfort and finished by hand.