Caring for your jewelry in times of constant handwashing…

You’ve probably spent a lot of time washing your hands over the past few weeks. Well done and continue doing so ! But with so much washing and hand sanitizing, it is advised to provide extra care and attention to your rings.

Alcohol-based sanitizers, soaps and hand moisturizers are brutal for your jewelry. Especially the alcohol will instantly damage the top layer of the OLA jewelry pieces, both the silver and gold plating as well as the color dye of the nylon jewelry.

We strongly recommend to remove your rings before washing your hands with soap and/or gel alcohol sanitizers. Also, spray perfume before putting on your jewelry. Perfume contains ingredients that will tarnish your jewelry pieces.

In order to keep your jewelry looking its best for a long time, we recommend the following :

  • when not wearing, store your piece in the jewelry box.
  • do not store your jewelry in direct sunlight or in a damp area such as a bathroom.
  • make sure that your piece does not get in touch with chemicals or water (take it off while doing the dishes or taking a shower)
  • cleaning your piece with a silver-cleaning cloth will take off stains and tarnish and bring out the shine again.

Avoid using liquid cleaning agents as they are too aggressive for the printed, porous materials. Use a soft jewelry cloth instead.

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