With Christmas approaching fast, we thought it would be useful to put together a guide to finding the perfect jewelry gift.

main men buying guidePicking the right jewelry can be overwhelming. There are so many types of finishes, styles and materials to choose from ! As far as playing it safe goes, picking something subtle is always a winner, but you can also inspire your choice by thinking about what other jewelry she wears or her style of clothing.

To make the choice easier, herewith some guidelines :

1 // Look in her jewelry box

Take a look at what she already owns. Short necklaces or long ones ? Subtle designs or bold statement pieces ? Long earrings or short ones ? Does she wear a lot of black clothing ? Then she might like the black OLA jewelry, printed from nylon powder. Especially the rings in black are a hit !

2 // Know her preferred metal finish

What does she like – gold or silver ? If she owns a lot of one particular metal color, odds are, it’s a pretty good metal to buy. That way she can wear them all together and they’ll look good.

3 // Buy matching items

Got some extra budget ? Buy her a set of earrings with a matching necklace or ring. All OLA pieces are timeless in design and pieces of different collections can be easily combined.

4 // Know her ring size

Ring sizes will vary from finger to finger and hand to hand. And the type of ring you buy can change the way it feels. A wide ring will have to be a larger size than a smaller ring, because it takes up more room on the finger. You can measure one of her current rings that fits the intended finger. Put the ring on a piece of paper and pencil the circle inside of the ring, measuring the inside diameter. Each ring in the webshop has a size guide where you can see the measurements per size. This will help pick the best size. If in doubt, pick size Medium (54) which is the most standard size in Europe.

5 // Ask advice

Finally. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when selecting jewelry for her. Her friends can probably give you some great suggestions.

OLA has many collections and each collection has some bestsellers that will give you the highest rate for success ! Here you can see OLA’s bestselling pieces. All designs are available in either gold- or silver plated steel and colored nylon (black/blue/olive). Prices between the two materials are different. So there is always something for every budget !


Aligned Necklace Long I (left) – Black/Blue nylon 75€ – Gold/Silver plated steel 115€ – SHOP here

Unified Earrings II (on model) – Black/Blue nylon 55€ – Gold/Silver plated steel 105€ – SHOP here

Unified Ring I – Black/Blue nylon 35€ – Gold/Silver plated steel 80€ – SHOP here

Balanced Threader Earrings – Black/Blue nylon 45€ – Gold/Silver plated steel 95€ – SHOP here

Unified Necklace Short (right) – Black/Blue nylon 60€ – Gold/Silver plated steel 110€ – SHOP here

collage_UN_NL3_SUnified Necklace Long III – Black/Blue nylon 95€ – Gold/Silver plated steel 145€ – SHOP here

A very suble piece for everyone’s taste is this slim oval-shaped bracelet. One size only.  Also looks great when stacked, 2 or 3 bracelets…


Oval Bracelet, available in olive green and black nylon 45€ or Gold/Silver plated steel 95€ – SHOP here

Still in doubt ? Send us an email at info@olajewelry.com and we’ll be happy to assist !