I’m often asked what the process is creating a new collection. OLA launches two new collections a year so it is quite an intense creative process but it’s the most exciting part of being in this business !

In general there are 5 different steps involved in the process. First, I design my collections on paper. I draw sketches, change, expand, fine-tune, go back to the original ideas,… it’s a process which can take anywhere from one week up to several months. Once I feel the pieces are 70% final, the sketches are turned into 3d computer files. These are needed to start the 3d printing process.

process1en2Third step is the actual printing in the different materials. Designs, dimensions, just the general look and feel can differ a lot between materials so it is always exciting to see the result after a few weeks. I outsource all printing to professional 3d printing companies so my patience is often tested while waiting for the jewelry to be delivered. When the printing is to perfection, the finishing can start. The nylon is colored black and blue and the steel is plated with gold and silver.

process3en4Finally the different parts have to be assembled such as the earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The most enjoyable steps are without a doubt the first and last, the design and make part. Although the ‘make part’ of my jewelry is limited, I just love seeing how everything comes together.

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Interested to see how a 3d printer works ? Check out this video by one of our production partners that shows how stainless steel is printed.